Have you or someone you know dreamt of an own reindeer?
Are you looking for real-life experiences and authentic adventures in Lapland?
Together we can make those dreams come true!

Reindeer Journey is a small scale family company and a real-life reindeer farm in 

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. 

You are warmly welcome to join our everyday life with reindeer by adopting one of our beloved animals or joining on our unique adventures!

We do not have any attractions build specially for visitors. Instead we offer authentic real-life experiences in wilderness, with our free ranging semi-wild reindeer herd, and beloved sleigh reindeer.  

We have paid careful attention to the safety issues, due to the Covid pandemic: At the moment, we offer only outdoor activities for small groups and private visitors. We keep safe distances in all our activities. In cars, we use face masks, and also ask you to do the same (we offer the masks). We wash and clean the equipment and all places carefully after every group. We also test our people immediately, if there is any symptoms or known risks of infection, and use the contact tracing app, developed by the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare, to alert us if we have been exposed to corona virus. 


In all our journeys, we respect nature and animals. We show how to behave respectfully in nature, and make sure there is no harm or stress caused to animals.
All activities are planned carefully according to this. We use as little and as eco-friendly products as possible, minimize the waste, and recycle everything. Anything you bring to nature, also bring it back with you. We minimize our carbon footprint by conserving our own forests from heavy forestry. Our reindeer are free to come and go as they choose. Trained sleigh reindeer are handled with care and trained only using positive reinforcement, no force.  
Sights to our everyday life with reindeer are also available through reindeer adoption. By adopting a reindeer from our herd, you can follow its life year around from your home. 
Keep in touch with Lapland, and it’s beloved iconic reindeer. 

Authentic adventures

Pure wild nature, beautiful free ranging reindeer herd, ancient forests, no artificial lights or noise, no rush, no crowd. Just you and the Arctic nature. This is what our authentic adventures are made of. Join us to enjoy the luxury of the gorgeous nature and its peaceful quietness!

Own reindeer

Have you, or someone you know, dreamt of an own cute reindeer? Are you looking for a perfect Christmas present for your beloved ones? How about adopting a real living reindeer from Lapland? Together with us you can make the dreams come true!

Hey you, do you want a reindeer friend? We are up for adoption!

  • Pörrö

    Pure white mother reindeer with a cheerful personality.

  • Antler minister

    Beautiful young sleigh reindeer. Got his name as a calf, due to his exceptionally massive antlers.

  • Juro

    Stubborn, sympathetic young sleigh reindeer, having rather unique ideas.

  • Little Assistant

    Friendly doe. Likes to participate on everything with people.   

  • Snow White

    Beautiful young doe with pure white color and friendly personality. Mama reindeer since May 2020.

  • Frost Beard

    Calm and quiet young gelding with grand blond beard.

  • Topi

    Cute young reindeer boy, who is going to be a big star one day.

  • Jomppa

    A friendly and funny stag. Jomppa is studying in the Reindeer Sleigh School.

  • Vitako

    Massive and gorgeous young male. Studying in the sleigh school. 

  • Cupid

    Handsome gelding with beautiful antlers and pure white color. Prince Charming. 

  • Pumba

    Tiny young gelding who is still growing and studying to entertain our guests.

  • Lumberjack

    Cute, easy and hearty young sleigh reindeer with a lucky history.  

  • Ossi-Veikko

    Steady and hard-working sleigh reindeer, loving people who bring him delicacies.

  • Uljas

    Young and promising sleigh reindeer. Easy-going and friendly.

  • Priimus

    Courageous and calm, but not very sociable sleigh reindeer. 

  • Kelokka

    Calm and friendly sleigh reindeer. Likes to hang around people. Pretty boy. 

  • Roki

    Roki is the friendliest of all friendly reindeer. Boxing is his hobby. 

  • Vakke Skywalker

    International superstar. Simply the greatest.

  • Pedro

    The speedy leader. Curious towards people. Sometimes offers a flying ride.

  • Nyhvetti

    Very curious, and sociable. Always ready to work and offer a slow and peaceful ride.